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Home remedies, for any number of medical issues and disorders, have been used for centuries. In many cases, they predate modern medical treatments.

Home remedies are treatments used to cure ailments or disorders through the use of common items like spices, roots, or vegetables.
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Watch yourself eat in the mirror | Weight Loss
Anette 2015-02-25
This tip is just not about vanity, because eating in the mirror can actually help reduce the amount of food you eat to as much as one third. Studies show that looking in the mirror while you eat and staring at yourself in the eye will at least help you reflect on your goals and inner standards, and remind you what makes you want to lose all that excess weight.

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Stare at anything blue | Weight Loss
Ferdinanda 2015-02-25
Notice how restaurants don’t have any decorations in blue? Because the colour functions as a suppressant for a person’s appetite. So if you don’t want to work an appetite, you can always serve your dinner on plates that are blue, or even wear a blue dress when eating. A blue tablecloth will do well too. As much as possible, avoid colours such as yellow, orange, and red, as these can only encourage eating too much.

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Sniff on apple, banana or peppermint when feeling hungry | Weight Loss
Brandice 2015-02-25
This may sound incredulous, but sniffing an apple, banana or peppermint when you’re feeling hungry can really do the trick. In fact, Neurological Director Alan R. Hirsch M.D of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, conducted a study with 3,ooo willing volunteers. Results showed that the more they sniffed these fruits, the less hunger pangs they felt and more weight they managed to lose, with an astounding average of at least 30 pounds weight loss. One conclusion he came up with is that sniffing food may actually trick the brain into thinking that you’re actually eating it.

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Don’t reach our for food for every hunger pang | Weight Loss
Karoline 2015-02-25
We sometimes eat because of stress or out of boredom, habit, frustration, and even when we’re nervous. This happens so often that we’re starting to forget what it really feels like to be hungry. If you’re looking for a specific food, it’s probably craving and not real hunger. So instead of reaching out for food to pass the time, try doing something more productive or physical to help you lose weight

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Clean something thoroughly at least once a week | Weight Loss
Cahra 2015-02-25
Who would thought cleaning will be a great form of exercise? If you want to lose weight easily, you can always opt washing something thoroughly. It doesn’t matter if it’s scrubbing the floor, wiping the windows, or cleaning the bathroom tiles or shower stall, as doing these activities for half an hour to an hour can help burn to as much as 120 calories. So make the most out of every minute you spend on cleaning.

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